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From Learning to Knowledge

By studying traditional note of taste and recipes, meat production process, microbial stability we create and give life to sausage product - Kobaja with its own character in notes of taste in present time with proven knowledge in past and development (progress) in the future.

From Taste to Originality

From balanced taste (not too much and not too little-just enough), passion and love carried on the life of creativity we get the original product.

From Challenge to Bravery

As every new product is faced with many challenges as much of its creators even more of its consumers where with bravery of all and especially with its own character, personality of product in the sense of taste can be affirmed and acknowledged.

From Life to Awakening

From life of product existence by tradition in the past, idea in the future and the presence of Kobaja in the present, awakens unique flavor of the taste story between product and consumer.

From Heart to Joy

Like every honest contact (relationship, touch, taste) comes from the heart and only as such can be accepted unconditionally in full happiness and satisfaction of enjoyment and pleasure to the benefit of fulfilling expectations of all.

From Mastery to Authenticity

Mastering skills through tradition of the past, idea in the future to creation of Kobaja in the present confirms own authentic IMAGE (Innovation, Mastery, Authenticity, Guts, Ethics).